From a young age, creativity was the cornerstone of Chloe Shay’s childhood. It was this creativity that later fuelled a love of fashion design and a knack for jewellery design.

It was in 2003 when Chloe Shay’s foray into jewellery commenced. She designed and hand crafted beaded jewellery while studying fashion design - Certificate 3 in TCF Studies (Apparel – Small Business) at TAFE SA Marleston Campus, SA. Working with jewellery became her thing. Chloe’s wearable works of art evolved as she completed a Bachelor Visual Art and Applied Design (Jewellery), TAFE SA Adelaide Centre for the Arts 2009. During her studies, she was invited to be an access tenant at Adelaide’s renowned Gray Street Workshop, an impressive coup for any aspiring designer.

Since then, Chloe Shay carved out a name for herself as a bespoke jewellery designer among Adelaide’s iconic design markets and retail outlets.

Over the years, her jewellery featured in a gamut of local and interstate galleries, namely: Jam Factory, TAFE SA Adelaide Centre for the Arts, Light Square Gallery, SALA Festival, ZU Design, Red Poles Gallery, Helpmann Academy and Adelaide Town Hall to name but a few.

Her creations having also appeared in various media such as Vitamin Archive Episode: The Redux, SA Life Magazine and City Mag.

Chloe Shay currently works from her eclectic studio space in Adelaide, specialising in hand-made sterling silver jewellery. Her unique designs stem from an enchanting mix of whimsical taste, a love of bold, geometric shapes and a penchant for textures.

It’s her keen eye for detail coupled with exceptional craftsmanship that has garnered Chloe Shay a reputation for ‘eclectic yet contemporary’ bespoke jewellery.



  • 2004 -2006 Certificate 3 in TCF Studies (Apparel – Small Business), TAFE SA Marleston Campus, SA

  • 2007-2009 Bachelor Visual Art and Applied Design [Jewellery], TAFE SA Adelaide Centre for the Arts



  • 2009 – 2011 Gray Street Workshop Access Tenant | SA

  • 2009 Short Course Enamelling |John Richardson Fine Enamelled Jewellery, Gay’s Arcade, SA

  • 2010 Stall Exhibitor | Bowerbird Bazaar Adelaide’s design market, Queens Theatre, SA

  • 2012 Introduction to Visual Merchandising | TAFE SA Adelaide City Campus, SA



  • 2009 Overture | TAFE SA Adelaide Centre for the Arts, Light Square Gallery, SA

  • 2009 Ag3| Melba’s Chocolates, Sala Festival, SA

  • 2009 Rummage | Red Poles Art Gallery, SA

  • 2010 Gray Street Workshop Tenants | Jam Factory, SA

  • 2010 Hang Around | Zu Design, SA

  • 2010 National Members Award Exhibition | JMGA WA (Inc), WA

  • 2010 Craftsouth Wish List | Prospect Gallery, SA

  • 2010 Access | Gaffa – Keeper Gallery, NSW

  • 2010 Cast Off | Gaffa – Keeper Gallery, NSW

  • 2011 Vintage | Red Poles Gallery, SA

  • 2011 Wish List | Craft South, Sala Festival, SA

  • 2012 Adelaide Town Hall Southern Gallery | Adelaie Town Hall, SA

  • 2012 The Grass is Greener | Zu Designs, SA

  • 2012 A Christmas Collection | Breathing Colours Gallery, NSW

  • 2014 Maestros and Apprentices |Helpmann Academy, SA

  • 2014 Collidescope | Red Poles Gallery, Sala Festival, SA

  • 2016 Stuff the Turkey and Feast on ART | Artimages Gallery, SA



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